Blush & where to Blush so help me ....

Blush & where to Blush so help me ...

Do you know to apply blush?
Your blusher’s colour is just as important as where to place it.  Get it right and creating a healthy natural glow will be quick and easy.
I’m never quite sure how much blush to apply.  Sometimes I feel too made up with eye make-up and lip colour too.  What is the best type of blush for a natural effect?

A  Try using powder (with a big soft or angle brush) or cream formulas (with fingers) in a soft rose, peach or pink tones – they can be added to and blended till you get it right.  Apply blusher last so you use just enough to add colour to your face and balance your other features, and always work in a good, even light, so that it’s easier to get each side the same.  Check your blush after a few minutes, when your skin has had chance to settle, so that you can see the colour clearly.
Take a look at my latest video on How To Apply Blush in more ways than one.

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